Pawtucket : where the Pawsox used to be?

“If the phone doesn’t ring, it’s me. “-Red Sox brass.

If the “soon to be “new owners of the Pawtucket Red Sox plan to keep the team playing at McCoy stadium, they have an odd way of showing it. The silence is deafening coming out of Yawkey way in regards to the future of the Sox triple AAA franchise in Pawtucket. The mere mention( or lack of denial) of the team leaving Rhode Island has the new governor scrambling and the mayor of Pawtucket admit ” something is going on.” In 2015, fans want more than just a game, they expect a full ” game experience” complete with themed restaurants and stores to shop in. All you have to do is ride 20 minutes north to Patriot Place and McCoy stadium looks like the  old Polo grounds (ranked 131.) Pawtucket River bridge of I-95 was under construction for at least 5 years, side roads a mess filled with detours and the area surrounding McCoy is not exactly ” tourist friendly.” Throw in a state(RI) that is broke and a reputation of corruption ( second to none) and you see why the new owners like the sound of the New Hampshire Red Sox. Sources within the Pawsox say the city of Pawtucket has long considered the team a ” cash cow “, with police and fire gauging  the organization for overtime at every possible opportunity. Massachusetts has new casino operators moving to town who would be more than happy to build a new stadium in exchange for the possibility of 1 million visitors to see the team. Follow for the latest.