The Raimondo Collapse : Brown moves within single digits


hold on 

Raimondo poll numbers collapsing. A inside Democrat source reveals Governor Gina Raimondo has watched her campaign go into free fall with the Democrat primary coming September 12. The source reveals the Raimondo lead over her primary challenger Matt Brown has now dipped into single digits and within five points of the margin of error. Raimondo has suffered an August meltdown after losing the Pawsox and now the 195 Gano street debacle. 

The campaign is in disarray with 15 days until the primary and Brown picking up momentum. Gina ordered a vicious attack mailer at Brown but it seems to be backfiring with her Progressive base, plus her refusal to debate Brown on any stage is classic “Hillary avoiding Bernie.”All over the state signs of “Anyone but Gina” have Democrats worried Raimondo is damaged goods who would lose in November. 

One campaign source said,” I have not seen these kind of polling numbers plummeting since 2010. Everytime we look at the numbers they are going down and Brown is rising.”Panic has hit the Raimondo campaign that the strategy to ignore Brown and focus on November has not worked and now the window is closing to knock him out. 

take that

Wife of Matt Brown took to twitter to attack Raimondo for a smear mailer that went out calling Brown a fraud. Can Gina hold on? Can Matt Brown defeat her in the primary? Follow for the latest.