Can husband of Kwan skate to victory in Rhode Island race?

Where are we?

Can Pell ” bride” the gap with voters?

Video and announcement but yet to say anything of substance.

” I am married to Michelle Kwan”.

Has never lived a full year in the state.

Clay Pell has made it official and jumped into the race to be the next Governor of Rhode Island  Kwan Pell. Can he win the primary ? Pell has money, name, celebrity wife, and now the backing of the unions. Pell will now be allowed to run a “positive” campaign( my family put you through college) while his union supporters will tear into Gina Raimondo. The Pell entry into the race is a potential death blow to Providence Mayor Angel Taveras. Angel  has had challenges in raising money and now the ” Pell bridge” just  got steeper. The Pell plan will be for Clay Pell to be ” above the fray” while his supporters attempt to run Raimondo into the ground. So far, Pell has been as vague as a candidate can be without presenting one single plan of action. Pell maybe the first one ” up” on TV , with a series of ” feel good” slick commercials. This move could force Team Gina to go ” up ” earlier then planned with Angel forced to sit on the outside looking in. Can Pell win the Primary? It depends. The state is still hemorrhaging from ” Trust Chafee” , and voters are likely to be more cautious on voting in another legacy name. Can Michelle Kwan help? She does not hurt, and people love celebrity. Follow for the latest.

So far, no plan.