Will Michelle Kwan be Rhode Island’s next First Lady?

Rhode Island Royalty

Next First Lady of RI?

The Heir to the throne.

Pell is Rhode Island Royalty.

No medal for second place in race.

Will Clay Pell become the next Governor of a Rhode Island? Is Michelle Kwan ready to become the First Lady ? The royal power couple is set to embark on an adventure of becoming the Royal couple of the biggest little. Michelle Kwan has international appeal and would be a huge draw on the campaign trail. Rhode Island is fascinated by celebrity,( ask Taylor Swift) and a power couple like the Pell’s could skate into office. People still talk about meeting “John John ” back in 1988 when he campaigned for his cousin ,Patrick Kennedy. A young “Royal couple ” would make the people in West Warwick and Pawtucket feel like they have their own version of William and Kate. Follow DePetro.com for the latest on the race for 2014.

1988 beat Skeffinton

Welcome to RI