New kid on the GOP Block?

Could Block save state GOP?

Kenny from the Block

Gump may need an attack dog on Block

Would Block block Fung?

Gump verses the Tech, moderate, geek?

Will Ken Block jump into race for Governor 2014 as a republican?  Block is an impressive guy who is quick on his feet, business friendly, different type of leader. Would the Rhode Island GOP party welcome him? What party? The state GOP has become irrelevant after a short burst of energy from the Tea Party. Ken Block learned a lot from starting the Moderate party and running for office. He is smart to recognize his path to victory might include running head to head against Gina,Linc, or Angel. What does this mean for Fung? Not good news. Block is a strong debater and could run strong campaign as the ” outsider”. Listen to John DePetro and follow for the latest.