Watch: What was East Providence shooting suspect planning?

jp can confirm Joshua Pavao is the suspect being held in East Providence, who brought a day of terror and chaos on Friday December 1,2023. Pavao has a military background and extensive knowledge of guns and ammunition, with East Providence police finding many guns in his vehicle and over one thousand rounds of ammunition. Sources tell he was wearing a bullet proof vest and police found night vision goggles and guns hidden in woods. Pavao is from Coventry but has been living in Kissimmee Florida with his mother. It is believed he has more guns stored there. Sources tell us he often sleeps out of his vehicle and has been harassing family of his ex-wife and her family all summer in Maine. Pavao was stopped in a crash right outside East Providence high school. Police responded to someone shooting at houses and cars in East Providence which led to the chase. Pavao social media claims he is a former marine sniper.

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