Video: Woman at center of Central Falls murder now receiving death threats

lopez has learned the woman at the center of the recent Central Falls murder has gone into hiding due to death threats from family and friends of the victim killed Saturday night. Manny Torres Plaza was shot sixteen times Saturday night on Dexter Street in Central Falls by Luis Lopez, who used two guns and was caught after he lit his getaway car on fire. Friends of the woman, who we will refer to as Miss C, claim that she is actually married to the shooter Luis Lopez, but they separated several months ago when he began acting violent around her including pointing a gun at her. Some media are reporting Miss C was the girlfriend of Lopez, yet close friends of her insist they were married. Miss C claims she has several texts messages from her husband, Luis Lopez, who threatened to kill her and Manny Torres Plaza. Miss C claims she showed the messages to police and sought a restraining order from Lopez. Lopez stalked Plaza for months and it was known on the streets he was after him. WPRI reported the mother of Manny even reached out to Lopez, begging him to not harm her son. Another story in CF is that a friend of Manny’s also reached out to Lopez on his behalf this summer to back off: Leony Cabrera, who was killed in broad daylight by two guns in August. The murder of Leony Cabrera remains unsolved. Sources in Central Falls claim there will be retaliation ” to the family of Luisito Lopez” for the murder of Manny Torres Plaza but “not until after the funeral.”


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