Ten years of Governor McKee?

may I?

Is it possible that Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee could end up being Governor for close to ten years? Yikes. McKee, ( who claims he was dealt a bad hand) finished out the term of Gina Raimondo of roughly eighteen months with two billion dollars and business reopening. McKee just won his first four year term and can run again in 2026 which could bring him to 2030. Although Dan Mckee will be 72 next year, President Biden is 79, Trump is 76,  so perhaps that is what McKee meant when he said “we are just getting started.” What could stand in the way? First, an unknown FBI investigation. McKee claims he did nothing wrong but the Feds don’t poke around in low-level stuff with a sitting Governor. The new year should bring into focus exactly where things stand with the investigation.  Second, McKee already enjoys a terrible relationship with the press which will further erode with his feeling of four years of unlimited power. It is expected that McKee will make a series of new personal announcements and should be interesting to see how he reacts to the criticism. In the Boston Globe podcast, McKee did not hide his disdain for CH 12 and the Globe, and this was a guy sitting there with a twenty point lead.  Third, the Covid money will be coming to and end and that is when tough decisions need to be made with a guy not known as having the ability to make tough decisions. Let’s see how the “Governor who lives with his mother” is doing next fall.



is he returning?
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