Mail ballots go out for September primary


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This is a mail ballot application that can be downloaded from the Secretary of State’s website. Look at the section of Voter’s Oath and Signature. The line Best of my Knowledge is hardly an obligation or deterrent for fraud. Below is part two which covers Guilty of a felony, yet the type is smaller and less bold. Why not have that part up top and large to be very clear of consequences? The fact is in the past twenty five years not one person has been convicted of signing that and committing fraud. Does that imply every voter over the last twenty five years was honest? This is Rhode Island. They also purposely use different terms like Voter and Applicant by design for plausible deniability. This is designed for ballot harvesting and for illegals to vote. Note: no mention of being a citizen. The 2022 election will be filled with fraud, questionable ballots and record voting by mail.


mail ballot app