People of Ukraine in Poland

So many young children from Ukraine being swept up by their parents and carried through a busy train station in Poland after traveling days on packed trains to leave their bombed out neighborhoods.  Our first week has been both eye opening and heartbreaking to watch as Putin decided to bomb Ukraine and destroy the lives of millions of people while destroying the peace we enjoyed.  The people I have met and interviewed are hard working people who love their country and their President. One might think people would have harsh words for their leader after their country had been attacked but the only words of hate are directed at Putin. It is disgraceful the way some Americans blindly follow the propaganda of Russia and China and root for their own country to fail while sharing misinformation to aid the enemy. Worse, conservative hosts are being shown on Russian state-TV praising Putin and bashing Biden. Troubling to see so many people confused as to what news is real and which news is foreign propaganda.