FBI moves in on Governor McKee


After one year in office after taking over to finish the term of Governor Gina Raimondo, Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee has proven to be a one-man crime wave with investigations into his administration that have now resulted in the FBI getting involved. McKee and his donors hatched a scheme to grab millions in a bogus education contract and in return flow campaign money back to the McKee campaign. The head of the Rhode Island State Police announced he was leaving and rumors are swirling it was due to pressure from Governor McKee interfering with investigations into his dealings. Not since Governor Ed Diprete has the state seen a Governor now ducking the media because of questions surrounding the dealings of his team on state contracts. No Governor in Rhode Island has ever been elected while the subject of an FBI investigation and Mckee will not break the mode. McKee recently announced the hiring of former candidate Eva Mancuso, who is basically acting as in-side counsel to McKee during the FBI probe. Typical for McKee, the reason they announced Mancuso was hired and the true reason are very different. Nellie Gorbea becomes the new frontrunner to win the Democrat primary for Governor and not even the $3,000 dollar bribes to state workers can save the Mckee crime family.

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