Wanted: kindergarten teaching assistant to acknowledge racism and privilege

Is it Hope Academy or Woke Academy? Hope Academy is a charter school for grades K-5 located on Eddy street in Providence. They have a currently have a  job posting ( listed below) for a teachers assistant that is woke and steeped in Critical Race Theory. It starts with the ability to be aware of ” microaggressions and redirect with affirmations.” Under Qualifications and Skills, the right candidate “must  acknowledge racism and privilege, and talk about racism. When you see racism or other types of inequities, you address it.” The application also talks about supervision, fire drills and other teacher assistant skills you would expect. Why should a kindergarten teacher assistant need to acknowledge racism and privilege?  Why do some people keep denying this is being taught in the public schools? Is there any wonder why Providence schools deliver such poor math and English scores?



The school website is here: https://hopeacademyri.org/about-us/our-history

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