Murder on Public street

The following account was developed from interviews with residents of Public street in Providence who wish to remain on background for fear of retaliation. Sunday night July 11, 2021 twenty year old Lucino Javier Arauz Bastardo was playing a casual basketball game behind his house at 484 Public street, which runs into a triangle with Saratoga and Baxter street. Although Lucino is not a known gang member, the house is known to have various gang members hang out there because a female at the address dates a gang member. Sometime after 6:30, it is believed some rival gang members rolled up and spotted the basketball game. It is then believed the shooter jumped out of the vehicle and began shooting into the back of 484 Public street at the basketball game. As the group scatter and the gunman hopped back into the getaway car, Bastardo stumbled into his home with a gunshot. His sister frantically ran outside screaming for help and he was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. It is not believed Lucino was the intended target but rather was caught in the gunfire. The players involved with the game left before police arrived and so far have not cooperated in the murder investigation. Who killed Lucino Javier Arauz Bastardo? Unknown who was the shooter or who was driving the car.  Suspects could be several rival gang members from Pawtucket or other parts of Providence. Many times gang members will ride around with a loaded weapon looking for someone to shoot. Mayor Elorza arrived on scene and claims Providence has a gun problem but Rhode Island has a gang problem. Mayor Elorza and the Providence City Council disbanded the gang unit intel in Providence a few years ago and gang violence has exploded ever since. Mayor Elorza and the woke City Council are content to have gang violence in the city and refuse to allow police all tools to end the violence.