Video: Gina thanks state workers

Thousands of people have lost their jobs, homes, and businesses in Rhode Island but Governor Gina Raimondo used her weekly COVID briefing to thank the state workers. State workers have been spared layoffs or any benefits cut during the pandemic which has closed countless restaurants and stores. The reason: Raimondo has been plagued by labor unions grumbling in her bid to be considered for the Biden administration. A quick holiday thank you to union workers won’t help, but it also won’t hurt. The state has been beyond strapped for cash and millions from the CARES Act money that should have gone to private businesses instead went to plug the state budget hole. The state could have announced back in the spring that every state worker would take a ten percent pay cut across the board but union leaders would have fought and won. Instead, the well-connected have not skipped a beat. Merry Christmas.