Photo : Protester initiated contact with Trump supporter

Tale of the tape. It was the violent anti-police ninja protester that went over and blocked the Trump supporter who was arrested.  John DePetro Facebook Live has captured live video where a Trump supporter was attacked and beaten by violent Defund the Police protesters.

The slippery scout notices a Trump supporter planning to cross the street to go to the Dunkin. Pure evil eyes.
Ninja man starts to move towards the Dunkin. Follow his white BLM flag. He tips off the rest he has someone solo.



Ninja protester moves to stop and delay Trump supporter going for a coffee. Look how far he is away from the pack. The rest wait for their cue.


Ninja blocks Trump supporter and signals the rest of the protesters who swarm him. They put a young female closes to him and pounce like a web.


Trump supporter under attack is retreating as other Trump supporters cross the street to aid him. Look how far he is to the right side (far away from the protesters). This was a setup where they corner a Trump supporter and then claim they were hit.


faces of evil.