Video: Raimondo wants Rhode Island to be Rat Island

“hello, state police? I see 16 people in a yard.”


The Raimondo rat line. In a stunning announcement that must have both Walter Stone and Raymond Patriarca rolling in their graves, Governor Gina Raimondo wants to use the state police for people to rat out their neighbors. Is this North Korea? Gladys Raimondo becomes Governor Kravitz as neighbors are encouraged to spy on neighbors and turn them into state police if 16 people are on their property. State police? $500 fine per person?  What is happening? The real story is the state refuses to acknowledge the problem remains Providence, Pawtucket, and Central Falls for causing the uptick in the virus forcing Rhode Island onto a hot zone list. John DePetro asked Governor Raimondo about the hotline at the briefing in this video.

However, protests are allowed with thousands marching with no masks, no distancing, and holding hands.