Will illegals be allowed to vote in Rhode Island November elections?

Are they Rhode Islanders? They are not citizens. There is growing talk in the Democrat party that ballots should be quietly provided to illegals living in Providence and Central Falls in time for the November election. Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea has been making a push to provide all illegals with mail-ballots but there is a fear they may be scrutinized with the huge influx of mail-ballots due to COVID. Mayor Elorza has been telling illegals in the city that since they received payments during the pandemic they should now be considered full citizens. Sources say Elorza is lining up al the illegals for his run for Governor of Rhode Island in 2022. Elorza has also introduced a measure calling for Slave Reparations to be made to all people of color in Providence. Follow the John DePetro Show for the latest.