Why Governor Raimondo is wrong on the beach parking

During this pandemic, the state has seen the approval rating of Governor Gina Raimondo skyrocket to a high of 76% in large part due to her empathy for people and their suffering.  The Governor used all her skills to demonstrate leadership, competence, and working tirelessly while garnering high praise from people all over the ocean state. But with the current beach situation, the old condescending Gina has crept back into the room.  The Governor should be working as hard as she can to ensure families get to enjoy the summer months with as much effort she put in to make sure illegals got tested and protesters could march and rally.  To limit the state beach parking lots to 25% and encouraging people to ” go at night” is tone-deaf at best.  What about senior citizens? What about mothers with small children? In the summer of 2020, a nice Saturday or Sunday by the ocean could do plenty to give people a reason to relax and forget about the nightmare they have been living in since March. If people are not wearing masks and are crowding together, DEM ought to get off their fat ass and actually do something useful for a change. Rhode Island DEM is the most incompetent state agency that cannot even figure out how to keep the damn beaches clean. Janet Coit is a political hack who hides and does nothing to improve life in Rhode Island. Perhaps if DEM actually earned their pay then beach parking lots could be full with the residents who actually pay the taxes in this state. For many people, day trips to Narragansett will be the closest thing to a vacation this summer. Is it asking too much to let them park in the beach parking lots? The state attitude should be that if your family wants to enjoy the beach this summer the state will do everything possible to make it happen and encourage people to utilize every beach possible. Spread people out and pack the beaches for the remainder of the summer because we all know the second wave of COVID is coming this fall. We might need those nice memories of enjoying the beach on a summer afternoon after Labor Day. Reward the people who have behaved and don’t let a few rotten apples ruin it for the families who had kids learning from home instead of school and parents that could not see loved ones in nursing homes. If 10,000 people can crowd the state house lawn for a protest than families can enjoy the beach for a few hours on a Sunday.