Will Trillo and Raimondo beat Fung?


 I think we can all stop pretending this race is anything but two against one, or “two against Fung.” Only a naive simpleton would truly believe Joe Trillo is in this to win with his campaign platform of “I hate Fung so vote for me you pansy.” Trillo promised to beat the 22% that Cool Moose Bob Healey received in 2014, yet fails to mention Healey lost and came in third.


 During this campaign, Gina Raimondo has never criticized Joe Trillo, has not run one negative ad against Trillo or lumped him in with Trump. Trillo admitted to the Providence Journal he is only in the race to help Gina win and prevent Fung from winning. The Governor refuses to debate Fung one on one in a debate and insisted in the last debate Joe Trillo stay in the race. Trillo has manufactured some unknown venom towards Mayor Fung but none of it is rational or seemingly justified. Trillo supported Fung in 2014 for Governor and nothing remarkable has happened between them since November 2014 and December of 2017 when Trillo jumped independent.

 There is a long list of issues which Joe Trillo could slam Raimondo but he stays on his  message of slamming Mayor Fung. In reality, if Trillo ran the media attention campaign he has been running he may have won a four way Republican primary this year. But instead, he seems content to just disrupt and muddy the political water. Certain political commentators commend Gina for “staying out of the mud with Trillo and Fung” but she is not the one being attacked. If you were walking down the street and a mugger jumped on your back and you start rolling in mud on the ground to defend yourself, than I guess technically you are rolling in the mud fighting. Would a reasonable person say,” you must have done something to upset that mugger?” 


 What is incredible is the line of thinking that “Fung must have really upset Trillo,” or ” poor Pat Morgan must have been really treated poorly by the Republican party.” What if they were not? What if Fung did nothing to upset Trillo and Morgan was not treated poorly or unfairly by the GOP? What if the effort to defeat Fung and help Gina had other motivations? 

Governor Gina Raimondo is no dummy, and she knew last October she could not win without the help of a third party. We will see what happens on November 6. Follow the election by listening to the John DePetro Radio Show.