Video: BLM protesters storm home of Governor Raimondo

According to witnesses on the scene, 30 Black Lives Matter protesters showed up at the Providence home of Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo Sunday night. Six cars first started to honk horns out in front but then became more aggressive by getting out of the cars and running up to the home. Protesters shouted, ” Come out Gina! Black Lives Matter!’ Protesters then began to set off fireworks and explosives on her lawn. Police were not present but then arrived on the scene scaring the protesters off. Within 15 minutes, 20 police cars of both Providence and State police closed off the street.  It is not known if anyone was arrested or if the Governor or her family were home at the time.. Earlier in the day, protesters at a ” defund the police party” criticized Raimondo and hinted they may look for her later. See the video here: