Should Channel 6 hire Frank Coletta for the morning show?

Frank Coletta

 It would be the ultimate game changer boss move if ABC 6 decided to hire Frank Coletta, who just retired from NBC 10. Coletta is 67 and is way to young in this day and age to retire. If Channel 6 hired Coletta it would completely change the dynamic of local TV news and it would be a loud statement by the new owners of ABC6. Coletta and Art Lake signed ” Morning Sunrise” on the air at NBC 10 and at times had some of the biggest ratings for an NBC affiliate in the country. Sunrise had a 70 share in the 90’s which is unheard of in TV news. 

70 share

The morning dynamic has changed in 2019 with Today, GMA, Fox and Friends and Morning Joe, but local TV from 6:am-7:am is still a big money maker for the locals and Frank Coletta made NBC 10 plenty of money. The new owners of ABC6 should offer Coletta whatever he wants for a 5-year deal for 5:am-7:am on CH 6 as the lead-in to GMA. Coletta would more than triple whatever ratings CH6 has in the morning plus tremendously increase revenue(sponsors love Coletta). 

last place

 People are very habitual about their morning routine from what time they get up, shower, eat, and leave for work. Viewers tend to be very habitual and loyal with morning television as opposed to other times in the day or night when they may flip around. Frank Coletta could pull his loyal viewers to ABC6 with as much as 35% of the NBC10 morning audience. Should he sign onto ABC6, it would be huge if done in time for November sweeps. WPRI Ch12 has a solid morning program and would probably not make a move towards Coletta, although they could benefit as well. There are few opportunities in media to completely move the needle with one change but ABC6 signing Frank Coletta as their morning anchor is one of those times. Ratings, revenue and big lead-in for GMA.

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