Is Providence Mayor Elorza the worst mayor ever?

Mayor Elorza and key staff

Providence Mayor Elorza has not been indicted for any real crime but seems he should be charged with being the worst mayor in the history of the state.  Elorza has embraced homeless and panhandlers, installed more parking meters and is unfriendly to business. Providence has one of the worst public school systems in the country along with some of the highest taxes. 

mayor who?

While Boston is booming, Providence has the empty Superman building and no new jobs. Elorza has encouraged illegals to move to Providence and proudly describes the city as a “sanctuary city.” The Providence pension system is the titanic and the main priority of Mayor Elorza is a “kinder city.” Elorza allows nightclub shootings and stabbings yet pulls the license and shuts down the Foxy Lady. Elorza has no plan over the next four years to improve the business climate, education system or lower taxes. Under Elorza, there was a school bus strike resulting in the drivers setting six buses on fire while they blamed an “electrical problem” for causing the fire on six separate buses in the pouring rain. Could any person do worse?

welcome to Silver Lake

 Governor Raimondo seems to want to distance herself from the pathetic excuse for a mayor. The city payroll is bloated with workers who are politically connected and no danger of ever losing their jobs regardless of the condition of the city. State leaders want to remove the city power over the 195 land due to the mayor being labeled “an idiot” by the Projo. What will be his next blunder? Listen to the John DePetro radio show for the latest.