Will Rhode Island be better with four more years of Raimondo?


The election is over yet the shock of what has happened is still sinking in: four more years of Queena. The Rhode Island nightmare continues. Stores and restaurants are closing and the big excitement is not jobs but legal pot in Massachusetts. The big  announcement in Rhode Island was sports betting, which bring no jobs but just takes more cash out of the economy. 

The tallest building in the state remains vacant and the city waits to see if Mayor Elorza will continue to shake down the one developer willing to spend his own money. More drugs and more gambling in a state run like a third world country. Raimondo somehow captured 53% of the vote even though her approval ratings for four years were below 40%. All eyes remain on “nervous” Nellie Gorbea to see if she will keep her mouth shut or explain who ordered the “Code Red” with the voting rolls data. Providence is getting ready to welcome their new arrivals to the city if they can sneak past the border patrol and make their way up north. The state remains in shock that Raimondo won and will keep her job as the worst Governor in the country for four more long years. More gambling, more drugs and more illegals. What will Rhode Island look like in 2023? 

Will the state have anyone left who is not on drugs, a degenerate gambler or who speaks English? What year will Providence go bankrupt? Who are the people who voted for Raimondo and Elorza? What planet are they from? For more depressing news listen to the John DePetro Radio show.