Did Raimondo steal the election?


What the hell happened? For the past four years Governor Gina Raimondo has polled around 42% and lower in public approval ratings. This past spring and summer Raimondo remained in the low 40’s and retained a small lead over Cranston Mayor Fung. For the past three months Raimondo has kept a very low profile and remained out of sight when it came to campaigning. There have been no big announcements of good news and the past two months the campaign has been dominated by the circus distraction of the Trillo fake campaign. The Governor only participated in two televised debates and was basically a robot repeating talking points. So how does Raimondo go from 40% and 131,000 votes in 2014 to 52% and 197,000 votes four years later? Raimondo has been polling around 42%, but jumps up to 52% in two months? Impossible. 

Mayor Fung received 20,000 more votes than he received in 2014 and kept Trillo at 15,000 moronic voters and 4%. Bob Healey received 69,000 votes in 2014 and received 22% of the vote. So how did Gina Raimondo receive 70,000 more votes than she received in 2014? Raimondo remains the most hated and cannot march in a parade or attend an event without being booed. If we are to believe these numbers, Raimondo retained all her votes from 2014 plus gained 70,000 new votes. The entire population of Cranston is 70,000. No way. The Raimondo campaign spent $5 million on negative ads attacking Mayor Fung plus gave Trillo $100,000 for three mailers. Raimondo will be the President of the Democrat Governors Association and desperately wanted to be above 50%. 

“Emergency/early” voting began this year on October 18, with no ID needed and an “X” is accepted as a signature. This story is developing but Raimondo spent huge campaign money on an organized, expensive paid”ground game” that included over 40 paid staff back in May. A failed Governor found 70,000 new voters? No way. We shall see. Listen to the John DePetro Show for all the details.