Senator Sheldon Whitehouse blames Dr. Ford for leaking information on Kavanaugh



Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse took to the airwaves of  MSNBC and blamed witness Dr. Ford for leaking information regarding her accusations against Brett Kavanaugh. Whitehouse, who is fighting for his political life for reelection against Bob Flanders, told MSNBC he is convinced it was Dr.  Ford and “her family and beach friends in California.” 

The Senate Judiciary believes it was Senator Diane Feinstein that seemingly leaked the information but Sheldon decided to “circle the wagons” and blame the victim, Dr. Ford. Ford came forward only after she was promised she could remain anonymous, but her identify was then leaked to the Washington Post. Whitehouse now blames Dr. Ford and her family and friends in California, as opposed to the Democrats in Washington D.C., who are walking distance to the Washington Post. Senator Whitehouse remains under fire for directing a constituent to contact a reporter with a false rape allegation in Newport involving Brett Kavanaugh. The Newport allegation was proven completely false and the man who made it has recanted the fake allegation.

 Meanwhile, Senator Whitehouse refuses answer questions regarding the name of the reporter or why he instructed the man to call with the false allegation. For all the latest, listen to the John DePetro Radio Show.