Breaking: Sheldon demands apology for man who made up Kavanaugh Newport rape story!


Senator smug

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island has raised suspicion among members of the  Senate Judiciary and the FBI by demanding an apology for the Tiverton man who allegedly fabricated a rape story involving Judge Brett Kavanaugh. What? You are reading this correctly. Sheldon reportedly encouraged and coerced the man to embellish a story regarding an alleged incident in 1985 in Newport and has admitted he instructed him to contact a specific reporter. Who was the reporter and why did he do that?

 Sheldon feels  a ” regular guy” is to be commended for fabricating a story involving rape and a Trump Supreme Court nominee. Meanwhile, Senator Whitehouse refuses to name the reporter he instructed the “regular guy” to call to flame up a fake rape story on Kavanaugh. Who was the reporter? Do they work for the Washington Post? New York Times? The New Yorker? Why did Sheldon Whitehouse instruct a Rhode Island man to contact a specific reporter about a fake rape story involving Kavanaugh?  Kavanaugh was asked by Senate Judiciary if he was involved in any incident in 1985 in Newport Rhode Island aboard a boat. Kavanaugh denied any knowledge of the incident and the man who made the claim quickly recanted the story. 

Why is Sheldon defending the man from Tiverton who is now under FBI investigation? This false rape claim on the eve of the Dr. Ford hearing was the equivalent of “yelling fire” in a crowd theater. The person who is owned an apology is Brett Kavanaugh and the apology should come from Sheldon Whitehouse for allegedly planting a fake story about a rape in Newport in 1985 involving Brett Kavanaugh. The man in question has disputed Sheldon’s claim that he requested contact information for a reporter, rather he allegedly claims Senator Sheldon Whitehouse instructed him to contact a specific reporter.


 It appears Sheldon has been caught trying to orchestrate a fake rape story to smear Judge Kavanaugh.  Senator Sheldon Whitehouse needs to identify the reporter, should be removed from the Senate Judiciary for his conduct, and be replaced in the Senate by Bob Flanders in the November election. Listen to the John DePetro Radio Show for the latest.