Sheldon Whitehouse becomes laughing stock of the nation during Kavanaugh hearing


“what is boof?”

I guess they don’t play “quarters” at Bailey’s beach club.  Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse had his moment in the spotlight during the Brett Kavanaugh hearing and used it to “grill” Judge Kavanaugh on his high school yearbook in a span of five minutes the nation will not soon forget. Can you imagine if that had been Patrick Kennedy he was questioning? When you heard rumor of a yacht in Newport and sexual assault, it had to make may you wonder if he was confusing Brett with the Kennedy clan. Teenage drinking? Like the underage booze party at the Chafee compound at Weehoosen Farm that Caleb Chafee had and Whitehouse son stopped by? 

Alexander Whitehouse left the Chafee underage high school graduation party before the girl was rushed by ambulance to Kent hospital.  Then Whitehouse son got busted on a DUI in Middletown at age 19. At least with Kavanaugh the drinking age was 18, unlike the Chafee party and legal age of 21.

thank you Sheldon

” What is the meaning of FFFFFFF?”

 “What is a devils triangle?”

” I have never played quarters.”

 “What is boof?”

” What is rolfed?”

 Please keep in mind this is coming from our junior Senator, former Attorney General and former U.S. Attorney for Rhode Island. Kavanaugh could barely contain himself as Sheldon proceeded to ask about vomit and farting regarding the writings of a 16 year old high school student from 1982. Not exactly Perry Mason. Sheldon seemed oblivious to the laughter of people attending the hearing and continued his line of questioning of a high school year book. In Rhode Island, Sheldon lives in “Zooport” and is a member of the all-white exclusive Bailey’s beach club where he rubs elbows with the likes of Clay Pell and other WASPS.

 In the ultimate “hold my beer” moment, Whitehouse had bragged to fellow Democrats he would take down Bart Kavanaugh by grilling him on his beer drinking in  high school.  Swing and a miss. Rhode Islanders have a choice with Bob Flanders on November 6, to end the Sheldon disgrace.

 Listen to the John DePetro radio show.