Rhode Island voters become “ABG”: Anyone but Gina


cars all over the state

The murmurs, whispers and complaints are becoming louder and louder all over the Ocean state. Rhode Islanders have always had endless debates on whether it is better to live on the “East Bay or the West Bay,” “Newport or Narragansett” in the summer, and “PC or URI” in college hoop. Although people in Rhode Island don’t always agree on much, everyone seems to becoming united on a common theme for the election in November of “ABG” or “anybody but Gina.

 No matter where you go or who you speak with the same message is repeated of “ABG.” Governor Gina Raimondo has become the most polarizing figure in the state since Joe Mollicone, and Mollicone was hated. Despite her endless message of how great things are, people do not like her and want her out. People seem more eager to vote against Gina rather than excited to vote for another candidate. There is no question that “Queena” is a brilliant individual who has succeeded at very high levels of academic achievement and in business. The First Gentleman seems like a swell guy and her two children seem adorable. Raimondo has made a name for herself on a national level and has raised the bar on how to raise money in ways the state has never seen. Then what is the problem? It all seems to stem that from the beginning of her becoming Governor, it was all about Gina, not the people of the state. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker talks about what is best for Massachusetts, yet Raimondo only seems to talk about what is best for “Gina.” “ABG” is real and not going away. Chafee proved to be an imbecile and a national joke, but Raimondo was suppose to be different as a Democrat who would work with business and improve the business climate.  It never happened. The Raimondo staff were arrogant and acted like Smith Hill was beneath them. Who dare challenge her in a primary? A Progressive who is giving her a run for the money.  Matt Brown continues to climb in the polls and even Republicans are cheering him on when he goes on the attack.


Can Gina win in November? “Goodbye Neighbor” and see you later? The only factor voters seem to mention is her campaign war chest, as opposed to how much people want her around for another term. Even her own party is against her as the Projo reported on the dirty dealings of the Speaker and his crew. For the latest on campaign 2018, listen to the John DePetro show.