Are Illegals working in Rhode Island identified as “misclassified employees?”

 Hard to believe but true. The following information was obtained by through access to public records. The following documents how J.S. construction, who was caught with “29 misclassified employees” by the Department of Labor and Training, had to pay the workers plus a fine. What is incredible is each worker is payed $750 by J.S. construction, and $750 (per worker) is paid as a fine to DLT. Take a look at the names on the list. No ” Joe Smiths.” Sources tell us all 29 are illegals. There is no mention of citizenship status or if ICE was contacted. How much of this is going on? What is a “misclassified employee?” Is it a non-union worker? Are there illegals who are members of the unions? Crime pays in the sanctuary state. For the latest on the Rhode Island invasion, follow