Can Speaker Mattiello survive?

 Smith Hill is buzzing with rumors of a major scandal involving Speaker Nick Mattiello that is set to explode and it is one that could cause him to resign. Mattiello has been plagued with allegations of corruption among his leadership team but this time sources say it falls right at his feet. The Speaker is desperately clinging to hold onto his seat as the next wave of scandal could be the death knell of his leadership. 

 The Board of Elections is set to move forward on the team that ran his campaign and stole the election in November of 2016 with Mattiello claiming no knowledge of the fraud. Now, sources say one member of his team is set to “play ball” and finger the speaker as the mastermind. 

The other big news involves a the ex-spouse of a former rep. who is set to expose what has really been going on behind the scenes at the State House. To find out what is really going on in politics, listen to the John DePetro Radio show, now at a new time and new place on the dial.