Will it be Senator Chafee and Governor Brown?


Chafee for Senate 2018

Chafee 2018

What a day in the Rhode Island political world. First, the return of Lincoln ” Gump” Chafee who smells blood with Senator Sheldon “save the planet” Whitehouse and demands a rematch of their 2006 senate race. Chafee claims he can hear Bernie Sanders in his head telling him to “challenge Sheldon” in a Democrat primary. “Make Metric Great Again” as the 1 percent Democrat Presidential candidate is ready to rumble for bragging rights at Bailey’s beach club. Chafee is like a man unhinged ready to jump into any race to either get him out of the house or stay in the headlines. The Sheldon camp is not ready to press the panic button yet, but the ultra-progressive Chafee will push Sheldon very far left and loose crucial Independent voters.

Save the planet and Sheldon

  Meanwhile, Matt Brown makes it official he will challenge Governor Gina Raimondo in a Democrat primary. The Raimondo camp were completely blindsided by  Matt Brown and are in a panic over a progressive primary. Queena has terrible approval ratings and a primary is an absolute nightmare for her campaign. Matt Brown is a “Bernie Sanders” type progressive while Raimondo is the state version of Hillary. How bad are things with the Raimondo campaign? CH 10 was reporting her chief of staff Brett Smiley wanted to grab the RIPTA CEO job but was told no by the Governor. Smiley knows when the ship “be sinking” and the SS Gina is going down fast. The Raimondo campaign has been trying to offer up negative info on Matt Brown but so far the only taker is a fraud online website. Raimondo will watch her numbers sink even lower and will be below 30% by the next poll.


full panic

 Matt Brown is the worst challenger Gina could ask for since he is a true progressive and is not part of the party machine. Brown is a smart, outgoing, engaging individual who can stand toe to toe with Raimondo on stage. Brown will build momentum over the summer and will give Raimondo a very tough race.  Chafee will be a problem for Senator Whitehouse and cause Sheldon to defend himself and spend money. The Whitehouse camp plan to try and ignore Chafee, but there is bad blood there and Chafee has nothing to lose by bashing Sheldon. For the latest on campaign 2018, listen to the John DePetro Radio show.