CH 10 under fire….the team you cannot trust?

 What would Art Lake think? Chris Clarke? Doug White? The WJAR debacle continues as social media and the Projo continue to rip the once great TV station to shreds. Sources at WJAR say moral has not been this low since they hired News Director Chris Lanni. CH 10 has been shred in in the past few weeks since the national spotlight has been turned up on the owner Sinclair. One staffer said, ” I have not seen people so depressed since they forced Gary Ley off the air.

“The Morning Sunrise” program has become a shell of itself with a rotating crew of young inexperienced reporters who look like they should be drawing Rhode Island lottery balls on CH 12. WPRI CH 12 continues to gain momentum by breaking news and going far more in-depth on stories. Former WJAR staffers had a field day up on Smith Hill telling horror stories of the new owners and their “news mandates.” For all the complaining, the WJAR anchors are still strong, the I-Team puts out solid work and sports and weather seem fine. 

Will any Progressive/ Democrat candidates refuse to go on the local Sinclair station? Time will tell. To find out what is really going on in the state, listen to the John DePetro Radio show.