Raimondo chief of staff out of country while UHIP crashes

Chief of Staff

 Have you seen Brett Smiley? The chief of staff for Governor Queena Raimondo has been away while “the Gov” has been dealing with the state police shooting and continuing UHIP disaster. As the Projo reports, Smiley was “in Israel all last week.” The chief of staff (to the failed governor) felt it was more important to go on a free boondoggle to Israel then deal with a deadly state police shooting, stolen state police cruiser and while UHIP continues to meltdown. Rhode Island is facing record deficits, high unemployment, loss of jobs, and a crisis with Human Services. Where the hell is Smiley?

long  lines

 Smiley is known for the crude text about President Trump and encouraging the Governor to skip the Trump inauguration. Smiley is a progressive partisan who ran a failed run for Mayor, jumped into Providence City Hall and then bailed out to run team Raimondo. Even loyal political insiders question the judgment of Queena for having an incompetent Colonel of the State Police and an embarrassing chief of staff. Smiley was the person who suggested Providence residents go “hang in the suburbs” after Elorza failed to properly plow city streets. 

 The long lines of the poor fill the streets as the UHIP computer continues to be a complete unmitigated disaster for the state with no end in sight. How can Raimondo serve four more years? Can you imagine four more years of this?

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