The ” Block” buster report on voting dropped on Rhode Island


When in doubt call in the Feds. Ken Block drops a bombshell on the state, exposing blatant disregard for Federal elections guidelines for registering people to vote. Across the country, in order to vote you need to show proof of ID and provide a social security number. In Rhode Island, people are able to register to vote without following the basic guidelines. Ken Block released information obtained from the Secretary of State office, which resulted in Block being attacked for releasing the information to the public.

 In classic Rhode Island form, Secretary Nellie Gorbea used the opportunity to raise money. Huh? ” We are under attack. Block is releasing public records he received from our office. Please send a donation today.” 

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Things should get interesting when the Justice Department begins a full investigation on “early voting” in Central Falls. Why would Rhode Island chose to not follow Federal election voting procedures? Who are the people voting with no drivers license or social security number? Listen to the John DePetro Radio show for the latest.