Is Gina Raimondo the worst Governor in the history of Rhode Island?

God save the Queena. Although she has raised close to $2.7 million, Governor Gina ” Queena” Raimondo remains hated in the state of Rhode Island as she prepares to run for a second term in 2018. Once touted as a smart, aggressive, talented, rising star, Raimondo seems to be unable to achieve more than a 45% approval rating among the people of the state. 

ready to serve

Raimondo talked a big game upon being elected the first female governor with just 40% of the vote in 2014, but she  has struggled to reach out and gain the trust and support of Independent voters. Team Raimondo seem to be all about photo-ops and catch phrases. Queena even changed her twitter handle to “Gov”, as if that might appeal to the middle class. She held a quick press conference during the budget show-down, then sat on the sidelines like a spectator at a U6 soccer game.

do you see….

 At her core, Raimondo has failed to convince people that publicity for her is somehow good for them. Even her strongest supporters admit there are “no cranes in the sky”, and Massachusetts Governor Baker is the rising star governor in New England. Governor Chafee was a fool who quickly became a joke around the country, but Raimondo was suppose to be different. Gina was suppose to take charge and get it done. 

There is little doubt Queena needs a three-way race to have a shot in November 2018, otherwise she get crushed in a two person race. Listen to the John DePetro Show weekdays from 1:00-5:00 PM on AM 1540.