Thousands pack Rhode Island State House for Rhode Island Trump Rally

John DePetro delivers the keynote speech

huge crowd

The largest rally the state has ever seen came together Saturday as President Trump supporters gathered to show support for President Trump. American flags were on rare display in the “sanctuary  city” of Providence where the mayor encourages illegal aliens to gather commit crime. Patriotic citizens marched and cheered on Trump speakers who spoke of support for the Trump agenda.

 While the rally was in progress, sleazy human trash anti-Trump anarchist crashed the Make America Great Again RI march and rally. Encouraged and organized by sleazy progressives operatives, the filthy anti-American anarchist were held back by police. The anarchist booed the singing of the National Anthem, tried to incite violence aimed at veterans, and mocked members of the military. The stench and odor from the anti-trump demonstrators could be smelled from over 50 yards away.

 In a pathetic display of Saul Alinsky tactics, anti-Trump trash attempted to silence the Trump rally by playing loud musical instruments. The progressives idea of freedom of speech only applies to their ability to speak, and everyone else must be silent.  For more details, listen to the new John DePetro show now heard on AM1540 each day from 1:00-5:00