Is Peter Kilmartin the biggest jerk in Rhode Island?

My house? Attorney General Peter “jerk” Martin finally allowed the public to see what a first class jackass he is with his conduct towards the media. Kilmartin is a life long political hack who has never worked a day in his life while grabbing state jobs for his family. He made it very clear how thin-skinned he truly is and what a disgrace he is to the entire state. 


In 7 years as Attorney General, Kilmartin has never held a press conference, rarely does an interview, and spends most of his time in Florida. Now that he will be out due to term limits in 2018, Kilmartin has decided he will raise his profile and challenge Governor “Queena” Raimondo in a primary September 2018. The actions of Kilmartin this past week was a reminder to the voters the disdain Rhode Island public officials have for the general public. Kilmartin shouted down Bill Rappleye from CH 10 prior to his big anti-pot presser, , while his over-payed, overrated press person Amy Kempe, grabbed Rappleye by the arm and threatened to have him removed from “their house.” Are these people for real? 

What is truly frightening is that Kilmartin is the top law enforcement officer in the state which certainly explains the amount of public corruption. The Attorney General spent $230 million of the google settlement money to shore up votes for his run for governor, with little to any accountability.  It is against his principals to ever spend any of his own money and instead enjoys spending public money.  Kilmartin pretended not to know anything about 38 Studios, even though he was a major player on Smith Hill. To learn more, listen to the new John DePetro Show on AM 1540, weekdays from 1:00-5:00 pm.