Illegal voting and fraud in Rhode Island

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Mayor Fung drops a bomb and confirms what most voters have suspected for years: illegal aliens voting and others involved with “multiple voting” in Rhode Island elections. The worst kept secret in Rhode Island is the amount of voter fraud encouraged and perpetrated at the highest levels of local government. Nellie Gorbea, the Secretary of State, was part of the Hillary campaign and seemly did everything and anything to try and insure a Hillary victory in the November election. 

Rhode Island early voting

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In the spring, Gorbea attempted to stop the Sanders campaign by only allowing only one third of polling places to be open in an attempt to suppress voter turnout.  Various groups have targeted Rhode Island as a state to implement and carry out various versions of illegal voter registration and non-citizen voting. The most blatant example was Gorbea implementing ” early voting” in cities like Central Falls, Providence, and Cranston. Many who took part in ” no ID” early voting went back and voted again on election day. Mayor Fung provided proof of suspects voting multiple times in various cities.

shining a light on fraud

 Sources confirm members of Trump campaign are aware of the rampant abuse of power of corrupt Rhode Island officials systematically involved with calculated illegal voting, rigged elections, and comprehensive plans of voter fraud. Why is Gorbea silent? Where is the Attorney General? Listen to the John DePetro Radio Show to learn more, now heard weekdays from 1:00-5:00 pm on 1540 AM.