Rhode Island a finalist to host ” Illegal Alien” Summer Olympic Games

What  some state officials hope will be a boost to the struggling state economy, officials confirm Rhode Island has emerged as the front runner to host the  2016 “Illegal Alien ” Summer Olympic Games. ” We put together a very competitive bid and feel very strongly about our chances”, said one official with the new formed group, RI-IAgames2016. ” We are obviously very excited at the prospect of thousands of illegals from around the country, traveling to Rhode Island to compete. To be honest, our biggest worry,  is whether or not they would leave after the games,” said one official. Although the planning involves staging events throughout the  entire state, Providence would be the focal point and the  center of the  “Illegal  Alien Olympic ” village.  A top official said one sticking point is the amount of state money that would be needed to not only host such an event but also fly all the athletes to Rhode Island. One planning committee member said, ”  granted the taxpayers would be on the hook for a up to $10 million dollars to pull this effort together,  but just think of the exposure it would give us as a state for tourism. ”  Our group, RI-IAgames2016, will need the people of Rhode Island to step up and cover the cost, because remember, these athletes and their extended families are not use to paying for anything.” Officials refuse to confirm if the cost of translators would be over one million dollars.