Is Gina the new Chafee?

We are almost at the first 100 days for Governor Raimondo and so far the results are pretty underwhelming. The roads in the state are a mess with massive potholes and although the snow mounds are melting, at least the snow was covering up all the litter. The new governor is ” too busy” to read a report on the state saving over $100 million on the cost of fire protection, yet she has time for her “Governor for the day” contest. There are still no ” cranes in the sky” anywhere in the state, and the stench of corruption is still putrid in the air from former Speaker Gordon Fox. Much like Chafee, Raimondo seems more interested in her progressive agenda than moving the state forward from a business sense. The people of the state need and want drastic change, yet Raimondo seems only interested in placating the unions and taking ” baby steps” towards any real fundamental changes. Much like Chafee, Governor Raimondo seems oblivious to how frustrated people are and outraged with the lack of honest leadership. The secrecy of “behind closed door” meetings with the pension settlement has had  a terrible negative effect on Raimondo since she is known as the ” pension lady.” Although the governor has reached out to the senate and the house, they seem more interested  in finding ways to get around her as oppose to working with her. Boston is like a ” boom town” with building, growth and hopes of becoming an international city. Providence remains a ghost town filled with old, empty buildings and acres of empty land that nobody seems to want. Much like Chafee, Raimondo won election with only 40% of the vote and has not done anything to expand her base of voter support. Listen to John DePetro weekdays on WPRO.