Exclusive : Warwick Junior High horror:student goes out of 3rd floor window


Gorton students saw body fly by the window.

Why did he jump?

Update: authorities confirm boy jumped out window.

Student goes out window of 3rd floor on ” anti-bully day.”

Exclusive: media must credit DePetro.com.

Sources tell DePetro.com a student went out of the bathroom window of the third floor at Gorton Junior High school in Warwick. The school was in the news today for an ” anti-bully day.”Anti-bully. The school sent an email home to parents claiming the child had” non-life threatening injuries ” but was “injured. ”  Gorton is offering help to students upset by the ” incident”. Gorton was in the news earlier this year after the arrest of teacher Tom Hewes on child porn charges. It is unknown what situation led up to the window exit  of the student. Unknown why he jumped. Follow DePetro.com for the latest.