FBI : Operation Foxy Shady

Guarding the Fox house

FBI raids  home of Gordon and Marcus.

Who had access to Gordon Fox bank accounts?

FBI goes after new mafia: the” Velvet mafia “of Smith Hill.

Gay groups silent as first “openly gay” speaker resigns.

Will Marcus stand by his man?

Speculation continues as to where the FBI/state police investigation on Gordon Fox will lead them after the stunning raids of Friday. The state police made it clear they knew what documents they were after and the situation was time sensitive.  What does Marcus know? Fox  made no secret that his motivation of passing the same sex marriage bill was for ” my Marcus” Lafond. Fox in a hole.  Whether the couple filed a joint tax return remains unknown at this point. Fox resigning one day after the raid suggest he knows he is in trouble and authorities  may have found what they were looking for.  There are several key players close to the ex-speaker who could have benefitted tremendously from his role involving both the state and city of Providence.  

My Marcus

Although there has been speculation regarding the role Fox played in the PEDP program, questions have also been raised regarding 38 studios and licensing. There is talk of several players involved here and allegations of tax evasion . The IRS was on scene Friday at both the Rhode Island State house and his home in Providence on the EastSide.  For the latest on operation “Foxy Shady” listen to John DePetro on WPRO and follow DePetro.com.