FBI circles Fox and friends

Happier times

Are you a friend of Gordon? The FBI/IRS raid has set off panic among friends and associates of former Speaker Gordon Fox. Law enforcement sources say they are looking at various schemes Fox has been involved with and the possibility of  large sums of cash and undeclared income. One law enforcement source said investigators ” have Fox by the balls,” following the raid Friday. There is speculation that there is a  “higher target ” than Fox they are after, and the raid on Friday was meant to ” send a message” to others involved. Agents raided the speakers home in Providence and  his office at the state house on Friday and remained inside for close to 5 hours. There is rumor one person connected to the investigation has been cooperating and possibly “wearing a wire” for the Feds . Sources say there are both former politicians and current office holders under investigation and a wide money trail.  Fox hunt.

The perp walk

 Undeclared  money in bank accounts and large sums of cash can be difficult to explain to the IRS . One day after the raid, Fox already looked like ” a beaten man” who has accepted his fate, whatever that may be. Agents  seemed  almost giddy leaving his home on Friday, like players cashing in their winnings at a casino. Fox, a lawyer, has many different clients and has been involved with both state business and city business. 

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