Cicilline has not talked to Gordon Fox?

Why did Cicilline cancel his own event  last minute at the Weaver Library in East Providence? Was he tipped off on FBI?

Do I know you?

Imagine you have been friends with someone for over twenty years, and they have a  horrible life changing situation. Why would you not go and see that person? Congressman David Cicilline admits he has not seen or spoken with a Gordon Fox since the ” raid “, and that has raised more than a few eyebrows. Fox had his home raided by the FBI, and his office at the state house blocked off like a crime scene. Fox was forced to resign as Speaker of the House and faces an unknown future to say the least. If you were a friend of Gordon, you would rush to his side and try to provide comfort and advice during the most turbulent time of his life. Unless you were Congressman Cicilline. Cicilline placed one call to the Fox home and ” spoke with Marcus” to ” let them know I was thinking of them.” Hmmm. Cicilline is a congressman and  former criminal defense attorney, with power and influence. Yet no visit with Fox? No offer to help Fox fight and preserve his power? No offer to bring in his famous father ” Jack” and circle the wagons around Gordon? Hmmm. Seems odd Cicilline has no interest stopping by the  Fox house or having a  ” public coffee” to show support.  Was Congressman Cicilline tipped off about the FBI? Why did he cancel his event last minute at the Weaver library in East Providence ? What did he know? Cicilline is the most powerful  and admired of the ” velvet mafia ” and seems to want to distance himself from the former speaker.  Cicilline grew up with members of organized crime in and out of his house as his father was in-house counsel to the Patriarca crime family. You could learn more than a few tricks just by watching how those guys operated for years.  Cicilline has sent a message that Gordon is ” cooked” and should be considered ” dead” for those taking notice. For the latest on the investigation, follow