Pension debacle

State of the state

Who is in charge?

Are there any adults on Smith Hill?

Botched attempt at ” settlement”.

Only in Rhode Island. The people who could not organize a “2-car funeral ” have bungled yet another attempt at bringing the public up to speed on the ” pension ” settlement.  Pensions.  Governor Chafee was in Texas as the last minute meetings to save  the settlement fell apart, although unlikely Gump could have saved anything. Pension reform was passed in 2011, so why bother to revisit it? Good question. Union pressure seems to have come up short, but still a long way to go until court in September.  Raimondo was the leader in 2011, but she seems to now be running a  ” Cicilline” style campaign running far, far left of center. Will the unions cave? Why should they when there are still many cards to play here before the game truly begins. The state is floundering and now the leaders are consumed with pension talk as opposed to jobs and the economy. Smith Hill continues to be a circus with Chafee in the ring. Listen to John DePetro weekdays on WPRO radio.

Pension reform?
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