The battle for Rhode Island is now

Key races decide future of the state. 

Who  will become the next Governor?

Who will become the next Mayor of Providence? Cranston?

Who takes over?

 2014 is shaping up to be the most important election year the state has ever seen and could decide the future of the state of Rhode Island.  The state is at a crossroads and the next Governor will either save the state, or sink it once and for all. The next leader must find a way to lure business into the state or the high unemployment will only get worse. The city of Providence is “hanging by a string” with high taxes and lack of business coming in.  The next 10 months will decide the future of generations that will either continue to flee the state, or stay and be part of the “new Rhode Island”.  The reform that has started  must continue, free of corruption and influence of special interest. Time is running out on a state that could become the next ” Detroit”.  Follow for the latest.