Hat stolen of 91 year old World War II veteran

Frank Poli

Hat stolen when he went out to breakfast with his wife.

Gunners Mate of PT 349 squadron 25 in the Pacific.

Reward grows for return of the hat.

Providence- The decorated hat of a World War II veteran was apparently stolen last Wednesday  at a breakfast place  on Smith Street in Providence. Frank Poli and his wife Angela had just  finished breakfast at the Creamery, near their home in Providence ,when they realized someone had taken  Franks prized possession . ” Frank loves that cap” said his niece Francis, ” it is decorated with his  war medals and he proudly wears it everywhere .” WPRO talk host John DePetro interviewed his niece in hopes that the person who took it will give it back. DePetro started a reward , with listeners calling in and donating to raise awareness of the stolen  military cap. Frank Poli is 91 and joined the Navy in 1942, serving as the gunners mate on PT 349. Frank suffered terrible hearing loss during the war and his role  as a gunners mate on the PT 349. From 1942 to 1945, Frank and his crew mates saw plenty of battle and were part of the crew that rescued JFK, according to his niece .” He is 91 and just wants his cap back,” said his niece . Frank believes a gentleman should never wear his hat inside , so he hung up his jacket and cap when he went in for breakfast. When the couple went to leave, they realized someone had taken his PT 349 cap. Frank is a daily communicant of ST. Pious church and has been married for  over 60 years.  The cap has military medals and it says ” PT 349.  Ron 25″. Anyone with information on the stolen cap should contact John DePetro at WPRO radio at 401.433.4200. Follow DePetro.com for updates.