“Cowboy ” Caprio tells Gina to ” shove it”

GunSlinger Caprio 

Former treasurer attacks the treasurer.

Caprio uses union” talking points” on pension.

Democrat attacks Democrat.

Welcome Back Frank Caprio. Caprio wasted no time in announcing a run for his old office, yet sounded more like he was again running for governor. The former General Treasurer attacked the current Treasurer Gina Raimondo, and sounded more like a union official as opposed to fellow democrat. What if Gina is the Democrat Candidate for governor? Caprio came out guns blaring making it known he has no time or patience to be ” mister nice guy”.  Caprio announced he will be ” self funded” but attacked Raimondo with the same union talking points regarding the pension issue. Is he now with the unions? Frank Caprio has put the media on notice he will be involved with both the race for Governor and General Treasurer.

Gina Raimondo. In Gina we trust.