Will Liberal LIz be the next Rhode Island governor?

If Chafee bails, the LT. gov is next up

The new Myrth York?

Could Gump throw Gina a curveball?

Roberts would be first female Governor in state

Will Linc stick it to Gina by leaving?

Governor Chafee has announced he is not going for a second term, but will he leave early? A likely scenario is Chafee leaving to take a post with President Obama, who is in office until January 2017. If Gump leaves early, his legacy could include helping ” liberal ” Liz Roberts become the next governor. Chafee would have the ” legacy ” of gay marriage and helping Roberts make history. Chafee is very vindictive and this would steal the thunder away from Gina Raimondo, who is a safe bet to become the first female governor. The Gump would love to throw a final shot at Gina, who stole the show from him on pension reform. Follow DePetro.com for the 2014 race.

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