Political hack attack

Projo photo of union protesting

Union nightmare :  Governor Raimondo 

Unions protest ” women for Gina” event

Union honcho ” we must stop this woman”.

The Race for 2014 is on and the unions are terrified of the prospect of General Treasurer Gina Raimondo becoming the first female governor in the state. Raimondo has been the  only leader with  guts to take on pension reform and not back down to the unions. The unions will try any trick to try and stop Gina, who is on her way to raising $3 million. Follow the race of 2014 on DePetro.com. It is very surprising to see women protesting against ” the woman” that has fought the most for them. Why would these women not support the first female governor? Why were  union men yelling insults at the guest attending? It is sad to see grown women, standing with male union leaders, attack Deb Gist and Gina.

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